Email Lists

EPUG-UKI-ALMA List relating to the Alma Library Management System
EPUG-UKI-ALEPH Discusses general Aleph system issues, cross-module functionality
EPUG-UKI-CZ List for discussing content (Community Zone)
EPUG-UKI-LEGANTO List relating to the Leganto Reading List System
EPUG-UKI-PRIMO List relating to the Primo discovery system
EPUG-UKI-RAPIDILL List relating to RapidILL
EPUG-UKI-SMUG List covering both the MetaLib and SFX products from Ex Libris
EPUG-UKI-SUMMON List for the discussion of the Summon discovery product
EPUG-UKI-VOYAGER List discussing the Voyager Library Management System
  • Please note that the JISCMail list called ‘EPUG-UKI’ is an administrative list only used by EPUG-UKI Committee and Ex Libris to reach all members through a single email. It does not accept subscribers, but you will receive any emails posted to it (by the Committee or Ex Libris) if you are a member of any of the other EPUG-UKI-XXX lists.

Registering an email address

Only members of current EPUG-UKI member institutions (and employees of Ex Libris) can register for an EPUG-UKI email list.

In order to manage the EPUG-UKI email lists appropriately, it is required that –

  • Individuals register, using their personal institutional email address (e.g. no Gmail, Hotmail or other addresses will be accepted)
  • Generic email distribution lists are not used (e.g. please do not register ‘’)

If you have a specific need to register a generic, rather than a specific, individual email address for an EPUG-UKI email list, please contact a member of the Committee.

Joining an email group

To request to join any of these lists:
send an email to
leave the subject line blank
The message should begin
subscribe EPUG-UKI-XXX Firstname Lastname

subscribe EPUG-UKI-ALMA Melvil Dewey

it is recommended that the two dashes immediately follow your subscribe request, as it indicates the end of the command request.
Otherwise, characters in your email signature can be wrongly interpreted as part of the request.

The request will be sent to the list administrators, who are usually able to authorise it once they can confirm your institution is a current member of EPUG-UKI, or you are an Ex Libris staff member.

Emailing an EPUG-UKI email list

Once a member of the mailing list, you can send an email to the group by simply emailing the relevant group, e.g.

If you experience any problems with joining or using the lists, email the administrator at, e.g.