Advertising job vacancies through EPUG-UKI

Job vacancies (temporary, ongoing or consultancy-based) related to the use of Ex Libris products can be advertised to members of the EPUG-UKI community through the relevant EPUG-UKI email list, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Notification of jobs vacancies within the EPUG-UKI community of members, and within the UK/European offices of Ex Libris, can be circulated via the appropriate EPUG-UKI email list where the job relates principally to the management or development of Ex Libris products. Relevant job vacancies can be advertised by EPUG-UKI member institutions and by Ex Libris. General library job vacancies (not related directly to Ex Libris products) cannot be advertised through EPUG-UKI channels.
  • Job vacancy details should not be sent out to an EPUG-UKI email list without prior agreement – details should be sent to the relevant product strand organiser or to a member of the EPUG-UKI Committee for approval.
  • Notifications should be sent out (once only, for each recruitment round) to the best-matching list, rather than via the EPUG-UKI super-list as a default (unless it is a cross-product/cross-responsibility appointment).
  • Where a job vacancy relates to all or most of the products in the Ex Libris suite, approved details will be sent out on the EPUG-UKI super-list by one of the Committee.
  • All job vacancy advertisements should include a subject line suffix (e.g. [temporary job vacancy]) so that those not interested can delete the email without needing to open it.

Any queries about these arrangements can be raised with the EPUG-UKI Committee.

EPUG-UKI Committee, November 2016