EPUG-UKI Analytics Day – Tuesday 17th April 2018


Step 1 – where to start

Step 2 – what are some common problems we all face; what are some examples of good practice

Step 3 – Getting into the details – looking at specific reports from start to finish – provided by customer use cases.

Step 4 – sharing and working together



09:00 -09:05 – Brief introduction about who is who and how the day came about (5 mins) (Alex)

09:05-10:30 –  overview of key functionality/tools (Jacobijn)

Making reports, filters, Dashboards, combining two subject areas, no results

Coffee 10:30-10:45


10:45-11:00 – Review of the first session – any topics which need followed up.




Lightning show and tell session led by Jacobijn and John.

1.      Brief explanation of SIWG and UK wide shared industry reports – why we’re not covering SCONUL! (Alex)

2.      General discussion about how everybody is working with analytics – good and bad (Group)

3.      Specific successes – please be willing to share some examples….

4.      Specific frustrations – please be willing to share some examples….


11:45-12:30 – Start looking at specific problems in detail from 4 above



Lunch 12:30-13:30

13:30-15:30 – Case studies workshops  (Coffee 14:30-14:45)

·               Expenditure/Commitment reporting for physical and e copies, including date ranges  (Jacobijn)

·               Order to shelf/available reporting (John)

·               Review of e-resource orders (John)


15:30-16:00  – Review of day and next steps. How do we share?  How to work on SCONUL to get to a definitive version (if achievable)…can we take names of people who would be interested in working together on this (Alex)