EPUG-UKI Update – IGeLU Conference, Monthly Calls, Committee Membership and more…

Hi Folks,

Hope your summer is going well. Phew it’s hot!

IGeLU 2022 Conference – September 12th-15th

  • Just a reminder if you are still to Register for IGeLU 2022 we would love to see you there in person or on screen.
  • There will be a dedicated EPUG-UKI session for us to meet together.
  • A reminder – every institution who is an EPUG-UKI member will qualify for £100 discount for ONE ticket (physical or virtual) – so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity. Registration is available here https://igelu.org/ – to apply for the discount code please mail epuguki.secretary@gmail.com.
  • If you HAVE registered and want to ask ExLibris difficult questions – submit them now (closing 10th Sept)  https://igelu.org/submission-to-the-qa-with-ex-libris-management-session-is-now-open/

Alma monthly call – now “EPUG-UKI Monthly Call”

  • As agreed at our AGM we’ve re-named the Alma monthly call to reflect the fact that we talk about all things Ex Libris and not just Alma. You can find details here https://epuguki.org/about/monthly-calls/
  • Next call is next Thursday – 18th August – at 11:00

EPUG-UKI Committee membership

  • We’re looking for a new member
  • If you’re interested get in touch. Please don’t feel you have to be a Systems/Tech person or know everything about all ExLibris products. We are keen to reflect products and processes as widely as possible.  

EPUG-UKI website

  • We’ve made a few changes to layout and content – let us know if you like it, or don’t like it

IGeLU – Steering Committee membership

All the best

Alex (Chair) – on behalf of the Committee